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posted Dec 18, 2012, 6:23 PM by Mike Korn
Approach the grim altar of INCANTATION and you will encounter its' high priest, JOHN McENTEE! This wicked warrior of blasphemous idolatry personifies the old school death metal spirit and has been holding that torch high since 1990. I ventured into the crypts of Johnstown, PA to speak to the voice of Incantation and hear about just what makes such a fiendish band thrive in the face of pious outrage. John speaks openly about almost putting an end to the band, his views on religion, his life with a death metal wife, the troubles of his indie label Ibex Moon and much more. It's enough to make any old school ghoul grin in toothy delight. Read the words of sinister enlightenment HERE!
An Incantation interview is a perfect way to segue into Wormwood's plans for the holiday season. Next week will probably be a light week with only a few Torture Chamber updates, as I allow the Wormcrew to rest their weary bones. Soon after we shall have a new year and that means the WORMWOOD TOP TEN OF 2012 lists will be approaching. BEWARE!
This week's Torture Chamber reviews are patiently awaiting for your attention...
HUMANITY DELETE                                                "Never Ending Nightmares"
SINISTER                                                              "The Carnage Ending"
MELENCOLIA ESTATICA                                          "Hel"
SHADOWSIDE                                                        "Inner Monster Out"
BLOOD OF THE SUN                                               "Burning On the Wings of Desire"
OILTANKER                                                           "The Shadow of Greed/Crusades"