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posted Dec 12, 2012, 4:39 PM by Mike Korn
Wormwood's resident eccentric (and that's saying something!) MR. OCTOPI MILLS presents us this week with his first interview for the Chronicles and he makes his debut with a bang. Octopi speaks to none other than JOHAN EDLUND, mastermind of Sweden's indefinable Goth/death/sleaze titans TIAMAT! It's always been hard to put a finger on what Tiamat's been up to, but Octopi gives it a try. He tries to look inside the creative process of this restless soul and get a grip on what is driving the new classic Tiamat album "The Scarred People"! It's a brief but potent chat that you delve into right HERE!
And now let's segue as always into the depths of the Wormwood Torture Chamber, which this week unleashes these stupifying reviews...
PIG DESTROYER                                                   "Book Burner"
CASTLE                                                                "Blacklands"
NIDINGR                                                              "Greatest of Deceivers"
FAT DUKES OF FUCK                                             "Honey From The Lips of An Angel"
GUNSLINGER                                                        "Unlawful Odds"
PARAGON                                                             "Force of Darkness"