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posted Dec 3, 2012, 5:50 PM by Mike Korn
In the late 1800's, the United States played host to a virtual onslaught of weird flying craft. They were not UFO's in the traditional sense...rather, they were strange man-made flying machines that flew through the skies years before the Wright Brothers ushered in the age of powered flight. They were seen everywhere...Chicago, Sacramento, Omaha, New Mexico. Newspapers reported on the sightings regularly. But somehow this flap of mysterious airships became forgotten when the wave of more alien craft known as "FLYING SAUCERS" started to arrive in the 20th century. Until now, when I, Dr. Abner Mality, turn my sights to examining THE GREAT AIRSHIP INVASION. It's the subject of the latest edition of The Wormwood Files and you can read what I have to say HERE.
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And now, here's this week's list of Torture Chamber entries...
NEUROSIS                                                       "Honor Found In Decay"
BISON B.C.                                                      "Lovelessness"
DAYLIGHT DIES                                                "A Frail Becoming"
SILENCER                                                         "The Great Bear"
LADYBIRD                                                         "Ontological Physicalism"
HELLBRINGER                                                   "Dominion of Darkness"