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posted Nov 21, 2012, 5:22 AM by Mike Korn
This week, scruffy LORD RANDALL visits the graveyards of Vancouver, British Columbia to speak with the unholy new metal band CHAPEL! These degenerates worship at the altar of MOTORHEAD, VENOM and SLAYER, not to mention other unhealthy entities. Randall talks to evil mastermind DESOLATOR about the band's rise, their raw influences, their future plans and their self-explanatory release "Satan's Rock and Roll".  Put your monk's robe on and read the interview HERE.
Tragedy continues to hover around Wormwood Chronicles. This week we got news that PROF. JOCKO (aka Travis Jensen) suffered a terrible loss as his father passed away after a long illness. Please join us is sending condolences and good wishes out to the Prof. during this very difficult time.
And now for the latest Torture Chamber entries, which are a rough and scruffy bunch:
MALIGNANCY                                            "Eugenics"
THY MAJESTIE                                          "Shi Huangdi"
FIGHT AMP                                               "Birth Control"
ENSIFERUM                                              "Unsung Heroes"
DEIPHAGO                                                "Satan Alpha Omega"
YELLOWTOOTH                                          "Disgust"