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posted Jul 31, 2010, 9:48 AM by Unknown user
The latest interview to post is Earthdog's interrogation of the up and coming New York rockers THE RESURRECTION SORROW! These dudes are turning heads with their gritty brand of dark hard rock so find out what they are all about by reading Dog's chat with ALEX DEMENTIA right HERE!
The Wormwood Archives are slowly filling up after our transfer to this new site. We've now got close to 300 CD reviews in the Torture Chamber...only about a thousand more to go! Plus, check out some of the classic Wormwood interviews and features, more of which are coming in all the time. Damn, even I forgot we had some of this stuff. Just go to a particular section, look for the "subpages" link at the bottom of the page and browse to your heart's content. I am constantly adding more and more, so check back often!
Also got more brand new Torture Chamber reviews up. This time around, we've got this odd collection for you:
ANNIHILATOR                                                       "Annihilator"
YAKUZA                                                              "Of Seismic Consequence"
WAKING THE CADAVER                                           "Beyond Cops, Beyond God"
THE OCEAN                                                          "Heliocentric"
UNSILENCE                                                          "Under A Torn Sky"
MOSE GIGANTICUS                                                "Gift Horse"