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posted Nov 7, 2012, 7:34 PM by Mike Korn
In my recent concert review of KILL DEVIL HILL, I mentioned my live interview with all four members of this hot metal supergroup. Well, now you get to read the interview! It's rare when I get to talk to all members of a band and when the band includes living legends like VINNIE APPICE of BLACK SABBATH/DIO and REX BROWN of PANTERA/DOWN, it makes you want to pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming. You'll find out right away these guys have diverse personalities and they have a warped sense of humor. They seem to be playing off each other as much as answering me and you can experience this interesting chat HERE!
Regular readers know that our contributor EARTHDOG ED BARNARD has been struggling with health issues and homelessness recently. Things are starting to look a bit better for ED but his life is poised on the edge of a razorblade. Now you can support him by buying FOUR HOURS of underground doom, sludge and stoner metal for the measly sum of JUST SEVEN BUCKS! Check out this link to the DOOMMANTIA COMPILATION featuring bands like UNDERSMILE, ICHABOD, CONAN, BONGRIPPER and about 35 others! You can pay the seven bucks or even more if you choose. The money goes to support one of Wormwood's own so it is a very worthy cause! Here's the link:  http://doommantiavol1.bandcamp.com/
And now for the weekly Torture Chamber round-up...
HOTEL DIABLO                                                    "The Return to Psycho, California"
INCANTATION                                                     "Vanquish Into Vengeance"
GANDALF'S FIST                                                  "From A Point Of Existence"
SLAM ONE DOWN                                                 "Who Wants To Live Forever"
FINSTERFORST                                                     "Rastlos"
THE SECRET                                                         "Agnus Dei"
D.I.S.                                                                   "Becoming Wrath"