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posted Oct 21, 2012, 4:15 PM by Mike Korn
After months of slogging around China, Norway and Egypt, I return home to Rockford, Illinois to have a lengthy chat with guitar whiz CLARK COLBORN! Clark's been active in the Stateline music scene for decades, dressing up as "Superman" in the "almost-hit-the-big-time" band CHEATER until finally venturing out with his solo band. He's got a new album "Again" out now as well as a metalized cover of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" featuring female vocals! We had a great time talking about the good old days of live music in town as well as Clark's theories on creating albums and writing lyrics. It's one of the longest interviews I've done and it's packed with fun and interesting tidbits from a true "six string Superman"! You can check it out HERE!
A multitude of personal problems have struck Wormwood contributors in the last few weeks so the pace of updates here may unfortunately be slowed. Earthdog's situation remains much the same so I recommend you visit DOOMMANTIA and make a contribution to his welfare using the Paypal system there. Also prayers are needed for the fathers of both Thor and Colonel Angus, both of whom are fighting severe ailments. Despite the calamities, I can tell you that you will be seeing new interviews with INCANTATION and MAGNUM before the year is out, as well as my long awaited article on two-headed transplant movies! So that gives you humanoids something to look forward to.
This week's edition of the Torture Chamber is an extra-heavy one! See if you can withstand the force of these reviews...
CRYPTOPSY                                                                  "Cryptopsy"
NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR                                              "Chaos Reigns"
AS I LAY DYING                                                            "Awakened"
SYLOSIS                                                                      "Monolith"
LASER FLAMES ON THE GREAT BIG NEWS                      "Lambs to The Slaughter"
CARACH ANGREN                                                         "Where the Corpses Sink Forever"