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posted Sep 9, 2012, 10:06 AM by Mike Korn
MASTER are considered one of the forefathers of death metal, having formed in Chicago almost 30 years ago. The amazing thing is, they are churning out their heaviest and most violent material RIGHT NOW! I talk to the Master of MASTER, PAUL SPECKMANN, to find out what rage fuels this angry beast. We talk about the state of the world today and the fire that keeps Speckmann going from strength to strength. Get your lesson in revolution straight from the MASTER right HERE!
As far as the Earthdog saga goes, Ed has been getting steady donations but is still short of what he needs to get a solid roof over his head. On top of all his other problems, he now has a fractured hip to deal with as well. We've got an Earthdog review of the new IRON MAN EP in this week's Torture Chamber but ED can't write until he gets his own place again. Go to his website DOOMMANTIA and see if you can make a Paypal contribution to him there. This situation is still pretty dire.
Speaking of the Torture Chamber, here is this week's extra large edition, featuring DARK STARR's in-depth review of the new RUSH album:
RUSH                                                                   "Clockwork Angels"
BULLET                                                                "Full Pull"
SIX FEET UNDER                                                   "Undead"
PRIMATE                                                              "Draw Back A Stump"
DESALMADO                                                         "Desalmado"
IRON MAN                                                            "Att Halla Dig Over"
PHANTOM-X                                                         "The Opera of the Phantom"
DRUG HONKEY                                                     "Ghost In The Fire"
VAJRA                                                                  "Pleroma"
DEADLY REMAINS                                                 "Severing Humanity"