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posted Sep 2, 2012, 9:30 AM by Mike Korn
I sure put a lot of miles on the Mality-mobile doing work for Wormwood Chronicles! Last week I ventured into Egyptian tombs to speak to NILE, the week before I was in China hunting down the YEREN. This week I visit the lonely forests of Norway in search of one of the most unique characters I've ever interviewed: Mr. WOE J. REAPER, the mastermind of the unusual black/doom/psych metal project FURZE. Mr. Reaper provided me with a one of a kind interview, full of cryptic comments, strong opinions and the thought processes of one of black metal's most non-conformist minds. Get the lowdown on the latest Furze excursion "PSYCH MINUS SPACE CONTROL" and much more at this location!
I can guarantee an interview with England's pagan warriors WINTERFYLLETH and I also soon hope to have interviews with TESTAMENT's CHUCK BILLY, the members of KILL DEVIL HILL and the forest/tribal weirdos BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL. Also puttering away at a film article about two-headed transplant movies. So keep an eye out for this good stuff...
And here we have this week's Torture Chamber entrants...
GYPSYHAWK                                                                   "Revelry and Resilience"
SONS OF TONATIUH                                                        "Parade of Sorrows"
SAMOTHRACE                                                                 "Reverence To Stone"
MONGREL'S CROSS                                                         "The Sins of Aquarius"
HEXVESSEL                                                                    "No Holier Temple"
SACRED GUARDIAN                                                         "Sacred Guardian"