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posted Aug 26, 2012, 6:24 PM by Mike Korn
This week I put on my pith helmet and khaki shorts and head into the Egyptian desert. My quest: invade the ancient catacombs to speak with KARL SANDERS, death metal pharaoh and mastermind of the legendary NILE! This conversation is one of the most fun I've had in a long time, as I really hit it off with Karl. We discuss epic Hollywood films of the past, the pitfalls of modern technology, the parallels between ancient pharaohs and the 1% corporate CEOs of today, and of course, the latest Nile death metal masterpiece, "At The Gates of Sethu"! I really think you humanoids will enjoy this visit with one of the most innovative minds in the extreme music scene....head into the tombs and read the interview HERE!
An update on the status of fellow Worm-scribe EARTHDOG and it isn't good. In addition to health problems stemming from a major heart attack a few weeks ago, he has now been evicted from his apartment and is flirting with homelessness. The prospects of a man recovering from a heart having to sleep outdoors on the cold ground are beyond appalling. I urge supporters to go to Dog's own website DOOMMANTIA and contribute through Paypal there to help out. This is a really rotten situation!
An extra big dose of the Torture Chamber this week and what an eclectic collection of reviews, covering virtually all aspects of rock and metal!
HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS                                                                      "Excess All Areas"
TESTAMENT                                                                                         "Dark Roots of Earth"
DELAIN                                                                                               "We Are The Others"
CATHETER                                                                                           "Southwestern Doom Violence"
PHOBIA                                                                                               "Remnants of Filth"
EFFLORESCE                                                                                        "Coma Ghosts"
THE COMPANY BAND                                                                            "Pros and Cons"
BEYOND THRESHOLD                                                                            "Who We Are"
KHORS                                                                                                 "Wisdom of Centuries"
NEVER TO ARISE                                                                                   "Hacked To Perfection"