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posted Aug 12, 2012, 10:15 AM by Mike Korn
A little more than a week ago, Wormwood contributor Ed "EARTHDOG" Barnard suffered a heart attack. He is out of the hospital and recovering, for which we can all thank God, but Ed has no insurance and the medical bills are staggering. As many of you know, Ed is also the webmaster of DOOMMANTIA, the #1 doom metal and stoner rock site on the Web. His contributions to that scene have been immeasurable and it's been a real privilege to have his work appear here at Wormwood. Ed could use all the financial help he can get to make it through this hard time. You can visit the Doommantia website and make a donation to help keep both Earthdog and that fine website afloat.
On a brief personal note, just want to mention that the American healthcare system is a total disgrace. Millions of people living in constant fear of losing everything they have because of illness and injury, charged outrageous amounts of money and being screwed over by insurance companies. If you think it can't happen to you, you must be filthy rich. People have got to start standing up against this outrageous state of affairs....