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posted Aug 12, 2012, 9:56 AM by Mike Korn
Where does man end and machine begin? That's a question you'll ask yourself after listening to the incredible one-man industrial metal band known as AUTHOR & PUNISHER. Author & Punisher is the creation of TRISTAN SHONE, who creates bone-rattling, ultra-heavy music using machinery that he creates himself. The project is starting to gain a lot of notoriety, so what better time for Dr. Abner Mality to leave Wormwood Labs and hook up with this mad scientist of metal music? The result is a unique interview with this very intelligent and outspoken artist, which you can read HERE!
There may be a new Wormcrew member soon...stay tuned...things are fluid and everchanging....
And here's this week's extra heavy dose of Torture Chamber review goodness:
THE LOVE BELOW                                                          "Every Tongue Shall Caress"
WHITECHAPEL                                                               "Whitechapel"
CERULIA                                                                       "The Wishing Tree Vol. 2: Birth of a Titan"
TANKARD                                                                      "A Girl Called Cerveza"
SABBATH ASSEMBLY                                                      "Ye Are Gods"
BINAH                                                                           "Hallucinating In Resurrecture"
EMPTINESS                                                                   "Error"
UNDERSMILE                                                                 "Narwhal"
NATRON                                                                        "Grindermeister"