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posted Jul 29, 2012, 10:33 AM by Mike Korn
The Danish/Japan Death/Doom summit has concluded and we have the results here at Wormwood! Our man in Denmark, JENS HELLROUTE, ventured into the graveyards of Japan to speak with the country's ichiban death metal unit COFFINS...specifically, guitarist and mastermind UCHINO! What grim facts did he uncover about these morbid fiends? How do Japanese, American and European audiences differ? What was it like when Coffins toured with the weed-soaked hillbillies of SOURVEIN? Find out the answers and much more in this brief but potent interview HERE!
Extra big and extra powerful edition of the Torture Chamber this week. Check it out....
ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME                                                   "II"
NILE                                                                                 "At The Gates of Sethu"
EARTHEN GRAVE                                                               "Earthen Grave"
ORDER OF NINE                                                                "Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror"
KREATOR                                                                          "Phantom Antichrist"
BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL                                                "Light The Fires"
IMPIETY                                                                            "Ravage and Conquer"
DOGBANE                                                                          "Residual Alcatraz"
STAHLMANN                                                                       "Quecksilber"