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posted Jul 22, 2012, 7:47 PM by Mike Korn
It gives me great pleasure to post my conversation with one of the best cruiserweights in the world of professional wrestling, Mr. BRIAN KENDRICK. In 33 short years, Brian has achieved a heck of a lot in the wrestling world, winning major titles in the US, Japan and around the world. He's also created some very unique characters in the ring. In this chat, we find out who inspired Brian to lace up the boots, who his favorite opponents are and what his favorite moments in the ring have been. Not only that, but we dig deeper into his philosophical beliefs and conspiracy theory opinions. An original talk with an original man, which you can read HERE!
This week's Torture Chamber also has some unique entries, as you can see below:
VESPERIAN SORROW                                                       "Stormwind of Ages"
GUN BARREL                                                                   "Brace For Impact"
FEAR FACTORY                                                                "The Industrialist"
MOONLOOP                                                                     "Deeply From The Earth"
TAURUS                                                                           "Life"
BARONESS                                                                       "Yellow and Green"