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posted Jul 15, 2012, 1:54 PM by Mike Korn
It's an interview so big it took 3 Wormcrew (well, 2 Wormcrew and a Wormfriend) to pull it off. DARK STARR, COLONEL ANGUS & special guest ALISON HENDERSON team up to interview the prog rock giants SPOCK'S BEARD! We talk to DAVE MEROS and ALAN MORSE about how the band has weathered all the changes in line-up over the years, what some of the greatest Spock's Beard moments have been and perhaps most importantly, how big of STAR TREK fans they actually are! It's a real entertaining chat which you can check out right HERE!
The old Wormboard has finally bit the dust. If you click on the "Wormboard" link on the right side, you will be taken to the new "Wormboard on Facebook" group, which should be a lot easier to join and comment in. Any Facebook member can request to join and since our standards are very low, chances are you'll join the crew. We are working on archiving the old board to preserve the posts there for posterity...stand by for more details!
And now, this week's entries into the Torture Chamber...an obscure and interesting lot!
ZOMBIEFICATION                                                 "Reaper's Consecration"
THE COREY SMOOT EXPERIMENT                           "When Worlds Collide"
WINDFAERER                                                       "Solar"
CHAOS INCEPTION                                               "The Abrogation"
EREB ALTOR                                                         "Gastrike"
GALAHAD                                                             "Battle Scars"
PRIMITIVE WEAPONS                                            "The Shadow Gallery"
VOODOO TERROR TRIBE                                        "Stands To Reason"
PSEUDOGOD                                                         "Deathwomb Catechesis"