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posted Jul 1, 2012, 9:43 AM by Mike Korn
I took a dangerous trip to the pirate lair of Port Royal so I could speak to the infamous ROCK N ROLF of the famed pirate metal band RUNNING WILD! While surrounded by scurvy sea dogs at The Black Hand Inn, I asked Rolf about his decision to return from retirement, the ease of composing the new Running Wild album "Shadowmaker" and whether the band gets their proper due from fans and press. Captain Rolf loves to talk with a bit of grog in him, so check out this interview that's jam-packed with info and opinion!
Several other developments to report on. Rasslin' fans will be happy to know that I got an interview with "The Wizard of Odd", BRIAN KENDRICK, which will be appearing soon. We will also have interviews with NILE, SPOCK'S BEARD, AUTHOR & PUNISHER and more on the way, along with a new Wormwood Files on the Chinese Bigfoot and a special look at the cult 1957 film "The Man Without A Body". On the down side, we're having a lot of trouble putting the new Wormboard together so it may be some time before you see that surfacing.
Here's the extra-sized edition of the Torture Chamber for you to examine....
NAPALM DEATH                                                       "Utilitarian"
WOLFBRIGADE                                                        "Damned"
ACCEPT                                                                  "Stalingrad"
POWER THEORY                                                      "An Axe To Grind"
WITCHSORROW                                                      "God Curse Us"
EXUMER                                                                 "Fire And Damnation"
NECRONOMICON                                                     "Invictus"
SUPERCHRIST                                                         "Holy Shit!"
DOGSHREDDER                                                       "Brass Tactics"
BLACK SHEEP WELL                                                 "No Matter Where It Ends"