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posted Jun 24, 2012, 9:55 AM by Mike Korn
Wormwood Chronicles is incredibly happy to present an interview with the doom metal masters CANDLEMASS! Our own doom-lord EARTHDOG chats with bassist and mastermind LEIF EDLING about the tumultuous career of the band that many feel helped to cement doom metal as an important genre. Leif shares his thoughts on why Candlemass' new album "Psalms for the Dead" will be its last, what the future is and many other pertinent topics. Put on your monk's robe, light the candles and read the interview HERE!
Candlemass is also part of our Torture Chamber update this week. Here's the latest...
BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS                                                "Negative Black"
CANDLEMASS                                                                "Psalms For the Dead"
CRYSTAL VIPER                                                             "Crimen Excepta"
FISTHAMMER                                                                "Devour All You See"
IGNITOR                                                                      "Year of the Metal Tiger"
KILL DEVIL HILL                                                           "Kill Devil Hill"