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posted Jun 10, 2012, 8:22 AM by Mike Korn
This week at Wormwood, I put myself under the axe and get headless with the brutal San Francisco death mongers ACEPHALIX! These raging madmen are one of the fastest rising bands in the scene. I talk to vocalist DAN BUTLER about the origins of their peculiar name, how the philosophy of GEORGE BATAILLE influences their music and what it's like standing up for primitive darkened brutality in these days of ProTools and AutoTune. Check out this fascinating chat right HERE.
A few notes. The new Wormwood messageboard should be available by this time next week so keep an eye out for that. Also, I hope to be speaking to the high priests of Egyptian mayhem, NILE, very shortly. Also working on a new article about the amazing 50's film, "The Man Without A Body". Plenty of other goodies in the works, too!
And now for your weekly dose of Torture Chamber reviews....
DYING FETUS                                              "Reign Supreme"
RUNNING WILD                                           "Shadowmaker"
MY DYNAMITE                                             "My Dynamite"
AUTHOR & PUNISHER                                  "Ursus Americanus"
HEXEN                                                        "Being & Nothingness"
FASTWAY                                                    "Eat Dog Eat"