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posted May 13, 2012, 4:56 PM by Mike Korn
There's nothing like a fresh dose of "TORTURE" to brighten up the day! Join Wormwood's own THOR as he meets the merry mutilators of CANNIBAL CORPSE in this exclusive interview! Thor heads into the abbatoir to speak to guitarist ROB BARRETT about the secrets of Corpse's incredible success and longevity, what makes the band's new album "Torture" so strong and also the one thing about modern metal he would change if he could. It's a gruesomely great interview which you can read HERE!
I can now confirm that doom messiahs CANDLEMASS are booking a return trip to Wormwood and negotiations are under way to bring THE SKULL (featuring 3 original members of TROUBLE) into the fold as well. So fans of musical misery should be well pleased at the future of the Chronicles!
Keeping with the theme of "torture", time to venture into the dungeon and sample the latest Torture Chamber reviews....
MINISTRY                                                        "Relapse"
16                                                                   "Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds"
ASTRA                                                             "The Black Chord"
COP PROBLEM                                                  "Cop Problem"
DJERV                                                              "Djerv"
SAINT VITUS                                                    "Lillie: F-65"