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posted May 6, 2012, 9:42 AM by Mike Korn
A strange object has been spotted in the vicinity of Wormwood Laboratories! We sent THE SUN JESTER out to investigate the sighting and he returned with an interview of British rock legends UFO!!! In fact, he somehow managed to grab an interview with long-time drummer ANDY PARKER, which you can read HERE. It's a real honor for Wormwood to make contact with these venerable space travelers, who are riding high with a strong new album "Seven Deadly" right now. Don't miss this brief but potent chat!
A number of interesting things in the cards for the future of Wormwood. Without letting the cat out of the bag (at least before I throw it in the lake), let me say you can expect a sizable dose of DOOOOOM in Wormwood's future. Along with other goodies yet to be revealed....
Speaking of revelations, we have an extra large helping of the Torture Chamber this time around!
BURZUM                                                          "Umskiptar"
OZ                                                                  "Burning Leather"
OVERKILL                                                        "The Electric Age"
LANA LANE                                                      "El Dorado Hotel"
UFOMAMMUT                                                   "Oro: Opus Primum"
FUNERAL WHORE                                             "Step Into Damnation"
DONN THE PHILOSOPHY                                   "Horns Curve Into Broken Circles"
COCAINE MOUSTACHE                                      "On the Mirror"
THUNDERKRAFT                                               "Totentanz"