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posted Apr 29, 2012, 9:36 AM by Mike Korn
Canadian metal titans EXCITER have gone down in history as one of the very first thrash/speed metal bands! Now Wormwood is very excited to speak to guitarist JOHN RICCI about the history and future of the band. We'll find out about John's disappointing encounter with Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, discover the force that has kept the band going for 30 years and get the low down on their latest thrash-terpiece, "Death Machine". We touch on all phases of Exciter's existence right HERE!
The excitement continues in our weekly Torture Chamber section, as the following releases are tossed into the dungeon...
ANGEL WITCH                                                                          "As Above, So Below"
MUNICIPAL WASTE                                                                   "The Fatal Feast: Waste In Space"
CONAN                                                                                    "Monnos"
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS                                                              "Possession"
HUNTRESS                                                                               "Spell Eater"
STIGMHATE                                                                             "The Sun Collapse"
OMINOUS CRUCIFIX                                                                 "The Spell of Damnation"