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posted Apr 22, 2012, 9:04 AM by Mike Korn
This week, Wormwood is proud to present the first interview conducted by DERELIKT and it's a chat with the leading queen of horror metal, VANESSA NOCERA! This super-talented but ghoulish gal is not only the co-CEO of the infamous Razorback Records, but singer and instrumentalist with bands like WOODEN STAKE, SCAREMAKER, SKELETAL SPECTRE and LOATHSOME! Find out what it's like being a woman in the worlds of extreme metal and horror both and find out how deep the roots of these subjects run in Vanessa's blood. A unique feature you can experience HERE!
Looks like CANNIBAL CORPSE, VOI VOD and RUNNING WILD are on their way to Wormwood!!!
An extra large dose of Torture Chamber craziness this week!
ELUVEITIE                                                  "Helvetios"
MYSTIC PROPHECY                                      "Ravenlord"
BLACK BREATH                                           "Sentenced To Life"
SEP7EMBER                                                "Strange Ways of Going Home"
COLDWORKER                                             "The Doomsayer's Call"
ANCIENT VVISDOM                                      "A God-Like Inferno"
RITUAL NECROMANCY                                  "Oath of the Abyss"
MARES OF THRACE                                       "The Pilgrimage"
HELLVETRON                                                "Death Scrolls of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties"