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posted Apr 15, 2012, 9:29 AM by Mike Korn
No band stands up for the concept of pure heavy metal more than Germany's PRIMAL FEAR! 9 albums into their stellar career, they are still kicking ass the tried and true way, led by the nuclear screams of singer RALF SCHEEPERS! The latest PF album "Unbreakable" shows the band at their best, so it was high time for Dr. Mality to have a kaffeeklatsch with Herr Scheepers himself! Our talk covers the whole history of Primal Fear from 1997 to 2012 and features the excellent news that the band is on its way back to the States for some shows. Get yer black leather on and read the whole story HERE!
Rumor has it that a new Worm-slave could be on his way to the Chronicles. More to come...
This week's Torture Chamber entries are up and ready for your inspection. They are as follows:
TERRORIZER                                                            "Hordes of Zombies"
EXCITER                                                                  "Death Machine"
IDES OF GEMINI                                                       "Constantinople"
I EXIST                                                                    "II: The Broken Passages"
WEREGOAT                                                              "Unholy Exaltation of Full Moon Perversity"
ALCOHOLATOR                                                         "Coma"