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posted Apr 8, 2012, 7:20 PM by Mike Korn
Classic rockers rejoice! This Easter Week of 2012 brings us an extremely in-depth interview with guitarist ANDY POWELL of the legendary British rock band WISHBONE ASH! DARK STARR and a fine group of Wormfriends have a lengthy and interesting talk with Andy on many subjects, such as the mindset behind classic Wishbone albums like "Argus", the schism that split the group, the legacy of the band and a look at their latest album "Elegant Stealth". Rock fans will have a field day as Andy name-drops acts like The Eagles, Deep Purple, U2, Iron Maiden and more. Don't miss this exceptional feature available HERE!
We also have an extra large and extra heavy Easter edition of the Torture Chamber this time around. See if you can take the sonic assault from these bands...
HOUR OF PENANCE                                            "Sedition"
ASPHYX                                                            "Deathhammer"
LAY DOWN ROTTEN                                           "Mask of Malice"
PHARAOH                                                         "Bury The Light"
PILGRIM                                                           "Misery Wizard"
DARK EMPIRE                                                   "From Refuge To Ruin"
HORRENDOUS                                                  "The Chills"
MIKE ARMINE                                                   "Verse+ Cleansing Tones of Wake/Lift"
BIIPIIGWAN                                                     "God's Hooks"