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posted Mar 25, 2012, 10:48 AM by Mike Korn
I ventured deep into the moldy catacombs of Creepsylvania to catch up with the diabolical DIGESTOR of unholy thrash fiends GHOUL and brought back this revealing expose of the hooded numbskulls. After a period of inactivity, Ghoul has roared back to life with a raging new album "Transmission Zero" and multiple tours opening up for none other than GWAR! What does Digestor have to say about the band's long layoff? Is there any chance of "Occupy Creepsylvania" opening up? What's it like opening for GWAR? Do Americans taste any better than Creepsylvanians? Find out by reading right HERE!
We also have an extra big edition of the Torture Chamber on tap this week! Dig into these reviews:
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY                                                   "Corrosion of Conformity"
GOATWHORE                                                                           "Blood For The Master"
SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY                                                      "Pine"
MPIRE OF EVIL                                                                         "Hell To The Holy"
VENGEANCE                                                                             "Crystal Eye"
WIZARD RIFLE                                                                         "Speak Loudly, Say Nothing"
DESERT SIN                                                                            "Destination: Paradise"
ANGUISH                                                                                "Through The Archdemon's Head"
CADAVERIA                                                                             "Horror Metal"