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posted Jul 3, 2010, 9:27 AM by Unknown user
The Good Doctor's interview with singer David White of the long-running thrash band HEATHEN is now up and ready for your perusal! This is a far-ranging chat where we talk about the difficult history of Heathen, the inside dope on their awesome new release "The Evolution of Chaos", the evils of downloading and much more. Anybody interested in an inside look at the Bay Area thrash scene needs to check out the interview RIGHT HERE!
We also want to welcome a new victi...er, member of the Inner Circle of Wormwood Chronicles, SOLOMON G! He has been annoying us for so long on the infamous WORMBOARD that we finally had to relent and make him part of the crew! Sol's first review is for FATAL EMBRACE and it's part of our new cache of Torture Chamber reviews. Here's the entire list:
FATAL EMBRACE                                                "The Empires of Inhumanity"
1349                                                               "Demonoir"
TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED                                    "Degenerate"
BEYOND HELL                                                    "The Sleeper Awakens"
2 CENTS                                                           "Dressed To Kill"
ROSETTA                                                          "A Determinism of Morality"
MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT                                  "The Violence Within"
Also, if you haven't yet gotten the word, the WORMBOARD is fully operational and back in action, so click on in and join the mayhem!