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posted Nov 8, 2016, 4:14 PM by Mike Korn   [ updated Nov 16, 2016, 6:18 PM ]


This week at Wormwood, I head Down Under...WAY Down Under...to speak to the father of the Australian extreme metal scene, one Mr. PETER HOBBS. With his ground-breaking band HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, Peter was one of the very first musicians from old Oz to delve into the world of diabolical thrash metal. We find out what it was like to be a pioneer of thrash in Australia and what keeps Pete going year after year. We also learn the secrets of the new H.A.O.D. album, the blistering "Heaven Bled". Grab you holy water and your vegemite and feel the Thunder from Down Under right HERE!

Brewing up a couple of special events to close the year at Wormwood. By next week, I should be able to tell you more about both. It's some pretty exciting news, the Doctor would not lie!

A larger than usual Torture Chamber sees WC venturing all across the world to get some new reviews. Begin your odd-yssey below!

DEFILED                                                                "Towards Inevitable Ruin"

VOID MEDITATION CULT                                          "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"

CARDINAL WYRM                                                    "Cast Away Souls"

SKALMOLD                                                            "Vogguvisur Yggdrasils"

BODRAGAZ                                                            "20"

TAKE OVER AND DESTROY                                        "Take Over And Destroy"

MORKOBOT                                                            "GoRgo"

BANGLADEAFY                                                        "Narcopaloma"

KREPITUS                                                              "Eyes of the Soulless"

MINENWERFER/1914                                                "Ich Hatt Eine Kameraden"