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posted Nov 7, 2011, 8:10 PM by Mike Korn


The Good Doctor recently headed into Chicago to catch one of the thrash metal shows of the year, featuring the titans named above in action. You can read the in-depth review I did of the show HERE. I also snagged an interview with DEATH ANGEL's MARK OSEGUEDA, which you'll be able to read in a couple of weeks. A lot of folks have wondered if the old thrashers from the 80's can still dish it out live...well, here's your chance to find out!
And of course we have this week's Torture Chamber line-up for you to peruse as well. Here's the line-up this time around:
TAAKE                                                        "Noregs Vaapen"
ENTRENCH                                                 "Inevitable Decay"
HEMOPTYSIS                                              "Misanthropic Slaughter"
ISOLATION                                                 "Closing The Circle"
KRUM BUMS                                               "Cut The Noose"
ANTICHRIST                                               "Forbidden World"
LANDMINE MARATHON                                "Gallows"