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posted Oct 23, 2010, 9:37 AM by Unknown user
NACHTMYSTIUM is one of the most exciting bands on the U.S. metal scene and Wormwood Chronicles is excited to have them here! I recently spoke to Blake Judd, the frontman of the band, about Nachtmystium's latest album "Addicts: Black Meddle Part II", the evolution of their sound and what lies ahead for them in the future. See what makes Nachtmystium so special by clicking HERE!
The Wormwood archives are filling up more and more all the time. We've got interviews going up through the letter "H" and the "Over The Top Rope" and "Spouting Off" sections are just about done! Biggest task is getting all the Torture Chamber reviews posted but we're making progress all the time!
Speaking of the Torture Chamber, here are this week's new reviews:
ANGRA                                                                                   "Aqua"
TERROR                                                                                  "Keepers of the Faith"
DUSTED ANGEL                                                                        "Earth Sick Mind"
COMPLETE FAILURE                                                                  "Heal No Evil"
VOTUM                                                                                  "Metafiction"
YEAR OF NO LIGHT                                                                  "Ausserwelt"