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“Split LP”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s a double dose of death from Japan’s heaviest COFFINS and a long-running German unit DEPRESSION that I’m not familiar with. Sounds gnarly!

Within 10 seconds of the first COFFINS tune “Things Infestation”, I know there’s trouble in paradise. Who produced this?! The drum sound just barrels over everything and the guitar sounds mute and muffled. The same thing goes for their second tune “Born of Fear”. I can tell both are fast and brutal COFFINS ragers...or would be, if somebody competent did the mix.  It sounds so thin compared to their recent killer album “Beyond the Circular Demise”. Their last track is a cover of GRAVE’s “Morbid Way to Die”, which manages to sound somewhat better and heavier. The GRAVE style fits COFFINS like a glove, too. Shame about the production on the first two tracks.

Then DEPRESSION takes over and the sound is immediately better, thicker and clearer. Their first cut “The Neutron Hammer” is a catchy blast of classic early 90’s death. And that’s the template for the rest of the band’s music.  “Mass Extinction of the Parasite Race” is a neck-wrecking ballbuster that sounds a lot like RAZOR’s “Evil Invaders”. Then the band does a cover of their partner COFFINS’ tune “Altar of Gore”, which is just primitive, ultra-grooving crush. Big thumbs up! The final DEPRESSION tune “Zerfall” comes across a bit lightweight in comparison.

Believe it or not, DEPRESSION dominates this split, but that’s most because of the wonky production job on the COFFINS tracks. If that had been up to snuff, this would have been an unmerciful beatdown.