“Sour Grapes”

By Thor

GORATORY is back! Final-fucking-ly! It’s been 15 long years and oh how I’ve missed them. These guys were part of what I considered the third wave of death metal when, around the turn of the century, brutal American death metal had its golden era.  Band after band of uber-guttural, technical, well-produced death metal flooded the scene and it was glorious. It was during this time that GORATORY had New England locked down.

From 2000 through 2004, GORATORY was prolific, releasing a demo, an EP and 3 LPs. And since then?


In the long-assed meantime, various members went on to notable extreme metal projects that included DEEDS OF FLESH, ARSIS and JOB FOR A COWBOY. But with 2020’s cosmic cruelty providing bands the perfect opportunity to write and record new material, GORATORY reconvened and recently vomited forth “Sour Grapes”, which features the band at its very best.

Musically, these guys are all amazing players and collectively they write great death metal. This album injects their brew into a deathgrind mold and it comes out fast and chaotic, yet very precise. The vocalist’s default tactic is middle-range gutturals with grind screams and various grotesqueries like pig squeals and demon burps thrown in for dynamism. Drummer Darren Cesca has long been considered one of the finest sticksmen in the game and he shows why here, grooving and grinding with breakneck reciprocity. The guitar work, including the bass, is both heavy and maniacal. It’s like come on, share some of that ayahuasca, guys…

GORATORY is up there with the very best extreme metal outfits on the planet. That’s undeniable. But what sets them apart is their conceptual approach to the whole thing. It’s fucking hysterical.  You could say that GORATORY is to death metal what MUNICIPAL WASTE is to thrash metal. And in that regard, the artwork and liner notes of “Sour Grapes” are worth the price of purchase all on their own. I mean, there’s a song called “I Shit Your Pants”! SOLD!

GORATORY’s “Sour Grapes” is great. It’s brutally heavy, technically impressive, excellent sounding and funny/weird as fuck. Go throw your web surfin’ jammies on and order this one! (Or better yet, get down to a local record store and pick up the hard copy—Mality)