“The Arteries Of Heresy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is about as cheerful as an orphanage burning down.  Hailing from a land not exactly known for its party atmosphere, Finland’s Devouring Star play a kind of cold, depressing, slow black metal that just kind of drains all the life out of you. That can actually work well in certain circumstances, but “The Arteries of Heresy” unfortunately also commits the sins of boredom and monotony.

The songs are all long and draggy, with a kind of freezing sludge atmosphere to them. Isolated song by song, Devouring Star is remarkably effective, perhaps nowhere better than “Her Divine Arteries”. But all five lengthy tracks here follow the same template…it’s like they were all stamped somewhere in a factory producing cold, slow black metal. There’s not much creativity to it, not much effort to differentiate or add subtle changes. “Consummation”, “Scar Inscription”, etc….all the same.

That pretty much flattens me right out of the picture. Production is well done and powerful, but it takes more than that to make an album shine. Devouring Star’s brand of nihilism is all engulfing but not really that interesting.