Sounds of the Underground Tour: GWAR / Cannibal Corpse / Trivium / Machine Head

The Rave - Milwaukee, WI 8/4/06
by Kat

OMFG!!! I cannot believe I keep going back to the Rave in Milwaukee! Of course it's the bands I love that keep drawing me back. I have to say though, that I am pretty disappointed with the venue. In the summer they have no air conditioning or ventilation and it is sooooo hot in there. We used to be able to enter and exit from the front of the building and I don't know what happened to change all that, but we were routed through the side door and when we left we had to go out the side door also. If you've ever been to the Rave...the side door is located in the basement and it is very dark through there.

I am sure the reason for this was because they put all the t-shirt booths in the basement and wanted everyone to make sure they walked by them multiple times to get people to buy their crap. Speaking of buying t-shirts: What the hell is up with these t- shirt sales people that they think they deserve a tip? A tip for what? They didn't get me one beer all night or hand me a towel in the bathroom.

Gwar put on a combination of all shows past and it was disgustingly entertaining. The part where they sodomized the pig in a police uniform was hilariously grotesque. The entire front rows were completely covered with colored substances...blood, green blood and of course cum...yes, cum! Oderus felt the need to jack off his huge prop cock on the audience and spill his load, which looked a little drippy (ya might want to see a doctor about that, dude).

The next remarkable band was in the Eagles Ballroom upstairs. The brutal sounds of Cannibal Corpse filled the air and they were completely awesome. I did think it was not very loud for being in the Ballroom. The louder the better when you are listening to death metal. We assumed it was because they were the first act on this stage. What they lacked in volume, they made up for in energy. They never stopped swinging and whipping their extremely long hair in unison the whole set.

Trivium was the next act and I was like, "what the hell are they doing at the Sounds of the Underground show?" They really didn't fit the bill, but I did see a lot of Trivium t-shirts, so they must have some fans. To me they sounded like a variety copy cat band that is trying to please everyone, and they do not have their own style. I would call it mainstream, instead of underground. In true cover band fashion, they ended with Master of Puppets from Metallica and only sang 1 verse...kinda disappointing.

Machine Head was next and I was so excited until I couldn't really tell it was Machine Head on stage. Rob Flynn made a
speech about the state of Machine Head and I could barely understand a word he said. I have seen them 4 times prior and have worn out their CDs. After hearing them I realized it was a mixing board problem. You couldn't really hear the vocals at all, and there was too much bass in the mix. After that extreme disappointment, we were so sickened and on the verge of a heat we decided not to suffer through In Flames or As I Lay Dying (the last 2 bands for the night). I just couldn't stand the thought of the Rave's crappy sound system ruining the very professional-melodic sounding music of In Flames. If you are a real fan of these bands and have never heard them live, please give them all a second chance, they really can and do sound fabulous live (in other venues).

The Rave needs new speakers and the Sounds of the Underground need to get someone who is not tone deaf running their mixing boards! In fact, bands like Trivium and As I Lay Dying do not belong in an "Underground" show either. Just because they didn't make the cut for Ozzfest (actually, both have played Ozzfest in the past--Dr. Mality), doesn't mean it was a good idea to lump them in with this tour. Since when does being glamorous and pretty make you part of the underground scene? Does anyone remember what underground metal is all about?