SEPULTURA 30 year anniversary tour

MAY 21, 2015

High Noon Saloon, Madison, WI

By Sgt Deth

First off I must commend High Noon Saloon in Madison for doing a great job hosting this event. Parking was simple, entry was simple, hospitality was great, and the acoustics and overall sound was awesome. Due to my slave-like job, we arrived a little late and missed the first band Micawber, but my cohort in metal, Dr. Mality assured me they kicked some pretty good metal ass.(Dr. Mality here...I was indeed surprised by Micawber. Their name and logo had me expecting typical metalcore stuff, but this was brutal, almost Nile-like death metal) We did arrive to see the entire set of Boris the Blade, and I was pretty impressed. They were good, but you could tell everyone was waiting for the following onslaught.

One of my recent favorites, Arsis, hit the stage and just tore the place apart. It is so cool seeing these guys play live. To see some of the guitar work is amazing. They have a very unique guitar technique once you see it live. I don’t think I have ever seen actual chords switched up and played so fast.

 Again, I must commend High Noon Saloon and most Madison venues for allowing people to go out and smoke between artists. Or, maybe some people like to just get some fresh air. Something most Chicago venues do not allow. Also, set changes were very quick. This was a great place to see a show.

Then Destruction came on stage and just destroyed the place. This is why I drove up to Madison. Last time I saw them was in Chicago and they also shredded the place. But, I must say they were even more awesome this time. They played a lot of my all-time favorites, I cannot complain on their choice of set list. Here is some of what they played:

Curse the Gods
Thrash Til Death
Nailed to the Cross
Eternal Devastation
Bestial Invasion
Mad Butcher

Destruction is so amazing live. Schmier’s voice was great and all musicianship was top level as usual. All songs they played were perfect. Schmier and company surely took pride this night. They put on a great show and hopefully they will be back to the states again.

The headliners Sepultura graced our presence and also put on an incredible show. Lead singer’s Derrick Green’s vocals were over the top. He really can make the old songs his own. He also ripped out some of the newer stuff like a champ. I do not have a record of the songs they played, as I was caught up in the moment, but I can assure you they were diverse and all well played. They played old and new.(Everything from "From The Past Comes The Storm" from Schizophrenia to "The Aftermatch of Tragedy" from their latest!--Dr. M) Even though it was not all the original members for this 30th anniversary tour, it was not a disappointment at all. They played it out in true Sepultura fashion. My voice was hoarse and neck sore the next day, so good proof that it was an excellent concert.