GWAR at Riot Fest 

Chicago, IL

By Kat Heitzman

 All the gore with a little lore is what you will find at a Gwar show! And they certainly did not disappoint fans at the Riot Fest in Chicago. Besides their awesome set list with songs like Sick of You,  Genocide, and Bring Back the Bomb, they displayed vulgar acts. They started the show with the announcement that this would be the presidential death match that will determine the fate of America. The giant Obama head opened it up as the MC stated that he thinks he should just stick around for a while and not leave office.  

They brought out their Hillary Clinton character and she talked her usual smack and then alas Trump appeared on stage and Hillary began to rip the skin from his body and face until finally she disemboweled him and slapped him around with his own innards. Loads of blood flowed out and over the audience from the giant penis cannon and from the various characters body parts. Blothar, their newest member, is crowned with giant antlers and was wearing an udder which spewed all the gorific fluids you can imagine. He was able to keep up with most songs and sounds kind of gruff, as did Brockie. He is a good replacement, but for old school Gwar fans... we miss you Oderus Orungus! 

I have experienced several Gwar shows in the past and was hesitant to see them without their leader, Oderus, but I think he would be proud that they kept their sick political humor and are still rocking the Ragnarock; Gwar style.