The Rave, Milwaukee, WI - 12/2/06

by Sgt. Deth

This was by far the best show I have seen at The Rave in many years. It was held in the Underground (basement) which is actually pretty cool if the crowd is not too large. This night the crowd was perfect size for this venue. I have seen acts such as SOD and Crowbar in the Underground before, and have never been displeased with the sound quality or the facilities in general.

The show was 15 minutes late in starting, but was posted as such at the gate. The crowd was very excited to see obvious favorite, Gojira, take stage. Everyone chanted along with their opening song and every song after...most seemed familiar with their material. I even spoke to someone at the bar that said he had took a plane from his home in Washington D.C. to make this appearance from Gojira in Milwaukee. I didn't know they had such a loyal following...I think that is what impressed me most.

Not saying that their music wasn't great...the crowd's energy just added to it. They blasted through about 45 minutes of crushing metal that really impressed me. I had never really listened to them much before, but after this showing I am very interested in hearing all their stuff. If you have never heard them...they sound kind of like Celtic Frost at times, then they can change it up with some plain old thrash metal mixed in there. Their melodic extended riffs can really be hypnotizing at times. I could feel myself almost daydreaming (or was it nightmares...?)

Then with a quick break and remaining on schedule...Amon Amarth breaks through clouds of thick smoke to unleash
their terror upon us. Towering over the crowd, Johan Hegg, screamed out his Viking related battle hymns. He took command of the crowd and seemed to have us in the palm of his hands. He would take occasional drinks of blood or wine or whatever it was from his "horn" and really played up the part.

These guys are impressive to say the least, but they seemed a little cramped in this small venue. I would imagine they can handle a huge arena show with no problem. But, they really seemed to enjoy the small Milwaukee crowd. They made a couple remarks about drinking beer, which I thought was appropriate, then they went right back to shredding the place to pieces for nearly an hour. I would go see them again any time they are in the area.

Again staying right on schedule, Children of Bodom took stage and began their fierce set. Alexi was in such a faboulous mood and really hammed up during the first few songs for Mrs. Deth to get some good pictures. He is one of the best musicians I have seen rise up in years. It is just amazing what he can do on guitar and also be able to sing flawlessly at the same time.

The whole band are a bunch of hams and you can tell they really enjoy what they do. Every song they played was flawless and I kept telling myself how much better they sound live than on CD...not that I don't still listen to their CDs constantly. They played over an hour and a half of both old and new stuff. I was highly impressed with all of it. I even went and purchased their newest CD, "Are You Dead Yet?", from the merchandise booth. These guys are seasoned professonals, and I can only see them getting better and better if they keep on the same path. Just like the opening two bands, I would go see these guys again anytime they are in the area.

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