ALICE COOPER:  Britney Gets The Blade?

By Dark Starr

Alice Cooper brought his mayhem to Chicago on October 23rd. Standing close to that stage was a frightening experience, but a lot of fun. The blood and swords and violence were larger than life. Alice opened the set with a medley of recent songs, including the title tracks from Brutal Planet and Dragontown. He ruled the stage with his powerful presence. The show resembled his Brutal Planet tour appearance quite a bit, but that is not a good thing.

Indeed, the Coop went through his whole beheading and resurrection, and all the other visual highlights of the set. Other tracks played during the show included "I'm Eighteen", "Welcome To My Nightmare", "Go To Hell", "Billion Dollar Babies", "Nurse Rozetta", "Dead Babies", Ballad of Dwight Fry". He did a combination of two of the best ballads of his career; "Every Woman Has A Name" and "Only Women Bleed". Of course the evil one also did "School's Out" among the other classics in the set.

One of the best moments of the show occurred during the encore. When Alice asked the audience, "who did that for you". Although they answered back with "you did", apparently he heard it as "Britney Spears". In fact, as he disgustedly repeated back, "Britney Spears", who should appear but a blonde bimbo on the upper level of the stage. She made her way, with bodyguard to the main stage. When she sang out, "hit me, baby one more time", Alice could do nothing but oblige. To the shouts of the appreciative audience he decked her bodyguard as well, grabbed a blade and pulled her by the hair backstage. When he returned to the stage he was carrying her head. Also during "Elected" Alice promised that if elected he would give everyone a ticket to over Afghanistan in an F-16, working the crowd to a frenzy.

For fans of the makeup-ed one, both old and new, this show was a treat.

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