Bottom Lounge Chicago , IL

By Colonel Angus


Accept are really firing on all sixes again.  I had the pleasure of seeing them live first time trough on the Blood Of The Nations tour and it was a fantastic show.  The success of that first leg of the tour must be the reason they are revisiting some parts of the country again.  I for one am glad to be catching again on this second leg.  For those who don’t know, Udo Dirkschneider is no longer in the band.  In his place, they have recruited Mark Tornillo from TT Quick.  At first I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out because Udo is quite the character but I think that the band made a perfect choice.  Tornillo is not only a great singer but he is also the consummate frontman. 

Last time around, even though they were promoting their new album Blood Of The Nations, they started off The show with some older tunes.  This time they opened with a couple of new tracks.  “Teutonic Terror” and “Bucket Full Of Hate” made quite a statement.  This was the new Accept and they were taking no prisoners.  Even though the band decided to start things off with new material doesn’t mean that they were trying to forget the past.  Quite the contrary, they chose a set list that touched on a good deal of their back catalogue.  They did play a couple of other new songs like “Pandemic” and “New World Coming”; the latter being added to the set list for this second leg of the tour

For older fans, Accept did not disappoint.  The Breaker record was given its due respect with a number of tracks performed.  The title track along with “Starlight”, “Son Of A Bitch” and “Burning” were all part of the show.  I remember that I first got into Accept with their Restless And Wild record and I was glad that they still feature tracks from that record.  Then again, how could they not?  Let’s face it; it wouldn’t be an Accept concert without “Restless And Wild”, “Princess Of The Dawn” and “Fast As A Shark”.  As with the first leg of the tour, the only representation of 1990’s Accept came in the form of “Bulletproof” off of Objection Overruled.  For me the high point of the show was when the band launched into “Losers And Winners”.  This Balls To The Wall classis is a new addition to the set list and a welcome one at that.
  Since I saw this line-up early on in the tour cycle, I have to say that they are getting tighter as a band.  Not to say they were sloppy at last year’s show but they seem to be really in sync now.  They show was a well oiled machine without being sterile.  They played off each other and the crowd making for an exciting show.  The crowd loved every minute of it and no one left before the band took their final bow.  Many people have been skeptical about Accept with Udo but for my money this is a better band.  Not only are they doing justice to the older material but they are still coming up with new relevant material in the form of the Blood Of The Nations disk.  If you have a chance to see Accept, don’t make the mistake of writing them off just because one member has left.  This version of the band is not only one of the best versions of Accept, it is one of the best bands period.