"Beneath Ancient Portals"

By Dr. Abner Mality

This is one of my favorite death metal releases so far this year. This is the real deal...!00% authentic old school brutality with a cryptic and doomy edge. Abythic have studied the masters well. We're talking not only the usual suspects like Obituary and Morbid Angel, but lesser known lights like Resurrection and Baphomet.

You can't put it into words, but grim numbers such as "Abandoned Tombs on Ungodly Ground" and "Afterwards Behind Beyond" just sound RIGHT. The music here has the feeling of ancient, cob-webbed morbidity that is lacking in today's extreme metal. Listen to the riffs on "Purulent Phantasm" to see what I mean. There's also a whiff of rotten old Finnish death metal here for those lost souls who enjoy that sound. The title track is a great example of mixing fast and slow but keeping things sick at all times. Speaking of sick, you're gonna need to visit the hospital after hearing the ungodly crawling abomination known as "T.H.O.N.". Holy shit, what a monster! A twisted massive doom riff that Obituary or Bolt Thrower would have given their left nut to write. If you love morbid feeling in your metal, you MUST hear this one! Favorite track of the year so far!

Only slight letdown was the last track "Depths of Oblivion", which dragged a little and just could not match the killer tracks that preceded it. That's only a slight complaint. If you worship the ancient gods, run, don't walk, to check out Abythic. Just don't trip and injure yourself, hear?